Coder vs. Designer

Coders are the ones who turns what the Designers make into the real deal. Both are needed for completing any project in the right way, each one of them uses different tools but what's the real difference between both jobs ?

Coders who can’t design :

  • Need a Photoshop mock-up for every single screen, including the “I forgot my password” dialog and the Terms of Use page
  • Assign different values at random to every margins and paddings
  • Think 11px is the perfect size for body copy (and 14px is great for headlines)
  • Ask you to export a background image even for a 1px black line
  • Do not understand the concept of aligning things together

Designers who can’t code :

  • Never think about what the site will look like past the dimensions of their PSD
  • Have been using web fonts since 1998: they just export all text as JPEGs
  • Design a site in Illustrator InDesign
  • Think they can set an image's blending mode to “overlay” in CSS
  • Actually use Photoshop’s HTML “generate HTML from slices” feature

Coders Tools vs. Designers Tools

Doing Both !

What I figured out that "Doing Both" is the best solution for me, I am already know how to code as I already took lots of coding courses in the college that taught me the concept of coding using any syntax. Coding and Designing lets me understand more what I need to do and allow me to achieve more and get the IDEA in my head to appear in front me without the need of any help... Well, not always but StackOverflow is always there for me (P.S. most coders do that all the time when the code gets complicated). My coding knowledge is limited to (C#, C++, PHP, Ruby, Liquid, HTML5, javascript, CSS3, SCSS, jQuery, JSON, SQL + Software Engineering Degree).

Should Designers Code ?

Some people think that Designers shouldn't Code and Coders shouldn't Design, because doing both at the same time will result in a crappy result !

How do I manage to do BOTH ?

After few years in the business, I figured out how to keep up with both designing and coding at the same time, the poster above is right doing BOTH AT THE SAME TIME is simply wrong and you won't be happy with the results. Well, the answer is... I managed to do both by separating the designing tasks from the developing tasks into the week, Day for Designing - Day for Developing, so basically on Saturday I am a CODER and on Sunday I am DESIGNER and so on... As long as I am not merging both together the results are always good because I know what I was thinking while making this design so that I can code it right.

I hope this method will help you too, tell me what you think in the comments below.