job poster

The Start

Well, it all started in Vilnius, Lithuania with a poster for a company called "Avia Solutions Group" for a job vacancy on their Advertising department. They needed a Talented Graphic Designer, so their current Graphic team decided to publish an Ad that attracts creative professional designers only.

The results was pretty incredible... The poster has gone viral and is being shared all around the web, you want to know why ? Check it out below!

job poster

Advertisement by AVIASG

It's a clever way to reach REAL Graphic Designers not just any amateur, asking whoever see the poster "is this how you drop shadows ?" is like giving him a small quiz.

Any Graphic Design that focuses on the object's drop shadows on this poster, he will immediately say "HELL NO, this is not how I drop shadow!". The poster shadows are each looking in a different angle which is going in the opposite direction of the global lighting, shadows supposed to go on the same direction as the light... it's like a darker extended version of the light. So all the shadows are randomly dropped.

What's wrong ?

I highlighted all the wrong shadows of the poster in the image below. That's why they need someone "Talented". Take a second look at the first image above before scrolling down to the image below.

job poster wrong

The RED circles is highlighting the wrong shadows.

It's clever, I give them that... So What do you think ? leave your opinion in the comments section below.