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Choosing your Accent Color

If you are getting strated on building an App with Material UI (User Interface), you first need to pick a primary and accent colors that can be used for illustration or to develop your brand colors. They’ve been designed to work harmoniously with each other. You can see the full Color palette Here and download the swatches too.

So you are now thinking that choosing 2 Colors is not a hard thing to do, right ? Well, No... Determining your brand color is a very IMPORTANT first-step that you need to take lots of thing into account as these colors will be used in the App UI, Graphics, Banners and Websie too. Always pick a color combination that fits your app's category and function.

Here's a photo that shows the colors placement on the Android App UI, you need to choose those colors carefully while designing the Interface to represent your brand.

Material Design colors

All these colors are customizable you give you full control over your App's look.

UI Design Toolkit

In order to save my client's time and mine too, I use an App called Material Design Toolkit to test the Accent and Primary colors of every design before I start working on it. This tool shows you the colors and elements you selected on your Android Smartphone/Tablet device. Makes it easier to see what your App Interface will probably end looking like.

Here's what you can do with the App :

  • Color palette
  • Typography size and style
  • Material Theme Builder
  • CardView Builder
  • Material icon catalogue
  • DP/PX Converter

Here's a few screenshots of the App's tools. You can download the Toolkit App from the Google Play badge-link below.

App Screenshots

App Screenshot 1

App Screenshot 2

App Screenshot 3

App Screenshot 4


Material Design Toolkit

Material Design Toolkit FREE

Preview the actual colors and fonts effects on any real device. This is the best tool to check your theme accent colors of your App UI.

Material Design Toolkit