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However, Shutterstock Photos & Vectors are expensive for most of the freelancing designers/clients which starts from $399/month or about $20 per image... I got the solution for you, I am a Shutterstock Affiliate/Reseller that can offers you a large 90% discount on ANY graphics offered for sale officially on Shutterstock - royalty-free with Full Enhanced License that suites any medium-to-large scale project. Prices list is below, we also accept PayPal payments.

Prices List



Price $3 / photo


Shutterstock® Images

Any Stock Photo you need in XL Largest Resolution for Only $3 per item. Delivered in [.JPEG] format.
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Price $3 / vector


Shutterstock® Illustrations

Any Stock Vector you need for Only $3 per item. Delivered in [.EPS] vector format.
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hd footage video
HD Footage

Price $40 / item

HD Footage

Shutterstock® Footage

Any HD Stock Video for $40 Only. Delivered in 1080p or 720p [.MOV] format.

4K footage video
4K Footage

Price $60 / item

4K Footage

Shutterstock® Footage

Any 4K Stock Video for $60 Only. Delivered in 4096 X 2160 [.MOV] format.


 What we are Offering :

 Best Prices
 Enhanced License


Why the Prices are so Low ?


We will get you such a great price because we are offering with reseller prices, we sell those items to you as client of ours which gives you a huge discount on all Shutterstock items. If you need to know more info about the Shutterstock Affiliate/Reseller Program. Please, click on the banner below to see the full details and info [.PDF document] about the program, if you are interested to join.

for purchasing more than 150 items

The original Shutterstock contributor will get his full royalties and you will get your requested stock graphics. Not just this... but as a Reseller, I can even offer you another 25% DISCOUNT if you purchased more than 150 stock items.

Affiliate Reseller Program


How to Order ? CLICK HERE HIDE

  •  Choose the items

    Go to then collect the imageIDs* of the Photos, Vectors or Footage you need to purchase.
    shutterstock image ID
    * You only the number listed, ignore the text "Image ID, Vector ID.. etc".

  •  Submit Request

       Gather those IDs in list and save it.
       Click the BIG BLUE "Submit Request" button below to redirect you to the request form.
       Enter your Name and your Email that you will receive the stock items.
       Paste the IDs in the textform (One ID per line).
       Click on the green Submit Button.

  •  Payment process

    You will be redirected to the "Payment Gateway". Please, select the number of items you want to buy " Photos / Vectors" and it will automatically calculate and then click the PayPal pay button and it will take you to the check out page. You have to pay for your request in order to process it. After Paying you will get a Payment Confirmation Email.
    Please, Note that payment is required to process your order and the minimum order is 5 items [Photos / Vectors].

  •  Download Requested items

    You will receive all the items you requested to your Email in less than 24-hours after we confirm your request.

  •  HD / SD Footage Requests

    For Shutterstock HD/ SD Footage orders, go HERE and pick what you need then contact me directly on joseph[at]

  •  Diffrence Between Images and Vectors

    Shutterstock links shows the 9-digits imageID and the type of the item Photo or Vector, Examples : 114722818 /stock- photo-healthy-organic-vegetables-on-a-wooden-background-art-border-design.html 130623581 /stock- vector-set-of-superior-quality-and-satisfaction-guarantee-ribbons-labels-tags-retro-vintage-style.html





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